Finished parts with 3D printing


Together, we bring your ideas to life in 3D printing

Today, industrial 3D printing is making an entirely new kind of designing possible. Completely new objects that were not possible with the earlier traditional technologies are now being created. Together, we can realise your new, innovative ideas in 3D printing. Being a technology leader in plastics processing, Röchling LERIPA got involved right from an early stage with additive layer manufacturing processes, in which three-dimensional parts are generated in one processing step. Röchling LERIPA uses the so-called selective laser sintering (SLS). In this 3D process, spatial structures can be produced from raw material in the form of powder, using laser rays.




From the 3D model to the finished component

In selective laser sintering, a thin layer of the starting material in powder form is applied on the building platform. For this purpose, Röchling LERIPA uses the high-performance material Polyamide 12, which has outstanding chemical and mechanical properties. Laser rays sinter the powder according to the design data of the 3D model. Thereupon, the building platform sinks by the corresponding layer thickness (0.06mm/0.1mm) and another layer of the powder is applied over the previous one. The laser process then starts from the beginning. Your small batch or your prototype is ready within a short time.





Small batch and prototype production


Röchling LERIPA has specialised in the SLS process for manufacturing small batches and prototypes. In our competence centre for 3D printing at Oepping, we can offer you the production of small batches of complex components, which can be manufactured in a relatively short time (Rapid Manufacturing). In addition, we make prototypes that make it possible to visualise parts that have never been manufactured before, in the literal meaning of the word. Within just a short period, you will get a usable model based on your specifications.







Here are some of our production solutions of Rapid Manufacturing: